Deputy Commissioner Bahawalpur in Meeting Room

Zaheer Anwar Jappa

Deputy Commissioner/District Collector

Organogram of Deputy Commissioner’s Office


Assignments of Deputy Commissioner & Collector

             Deputy Commissioner Office is situated in District Bahawalpur, which is part of the Bahawalpur Division, definitely, you all are familiar with this name and position and may be thinking that D.C always having fun, but that is not the case at all. Being a D.C is one of the most challenging jobs. The responsibilities of the D.Cs are many. All Deputy Commissioners are eligible for this post after passing Central Superior Services (CSS), Provincial Management Services examination.

The most important functions of D.C. are No. 1 Revenue Collection. No. 2 Perform as Magistrate and No. 3 Play role in the Development of the District. In addition to these functions, Deputy Commissioners are also assigned additional responsibilities from the federal or provincial headquarters. For example, conducting elections, and providing immediate relief to the public in case of natural disasters or calamities such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and power outages. Provision of food, water, and safe shelter for victims. In addition, D.C works as a District Collector.

As a District Collector, he is also responsible for keeping the land revenue records organized and preventing illegal alteration of these records. The District Collector is also the guardian of the ownership rights of the hereditary, agricultural, and government lands. The District Collector collects government dues. D.C. is also responsible for monitoring the development works and ensuring quality and standards. Stop the high selling of daily food items and take legal action against hoarders.

Action against hoarders

Inflation has made life difficult for people. Mafias are responsible for inflation and create artificial scarcity by hoarding everyday commodities. Due to this, anxiety is created in the majority of people. Against these hoarders, D.C heads as District Magistrate, and under him, there are several Magistrates whose duty is to take strict action against the hoarders, to fine them, send them to jail, and confiscate their hoarded goods. It includes making it available to the public at the official rate in the market etc. The action against hoarders can be better if people join hands with the government. They should inform District Administration about the hoarders around them. In this way, the administration will take strict legal action against them.

D.C Office Complex with Google Map

Deputy Commissioner Office Bahawalpur

Deputy Commissioner Bahawalpur Office Numbers

Office: 062-9250069, 062-9250492

Fax No. 062-9250493

Email ID: [email protected]