Deputy Commissioner Bahawalpur in Meeting Room

Zaheer Anwar Jappa

Deputy Commissioner/District Collector

Organogram of Deputy Commissioner’s Office


Assignments of Deputy Commissioner & Collector

Deputy Commissioner Office is situated in District Bahawalpur, which is part of the Bahawalpur Division, definitely, you all are familiar with this name and position and may be thinking that D.C always having fun, but that is not the case at all. Being a D.C is one of the most challenging jobs. The responsibilities of the D.Cs are many. All Deputy Commissioners are eligible for this post after passing Central Superior Services (CSS), Provincial Management Services examination.

The most important functions of D.C. are No. 1 Revenue Collection. No. 2 Perform as Magistrate and No. 3 Play role in the Development of the District. In addition to these functions, Deputy Commissioners are also assigned additional responsibilities from the federal or provincial headquarters. For example, conducting elections, and providing immediate relief to the public in case of natural disasters or calamities such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and power outages. Provision of food, water, and safe shelter for victims. In addition, D.C works as a District Collector.

As a District Collector, he is also responsible for keeping the land revenue records organized and preventing illegal alteration of these records. The District Collector is also the guardian of the ownership rights of the hereditary, agricultural, and government lands. The District Collector collects government dues. D.C. is also responsible for monitoring the development works and ensuring quality and standards. Stop the high selling of daily food items and take legal action against hoarders.

Functions of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office

The Deputy Commissioner’s Office serves a multifaceted role in the administration and governance of the district, encompassing a range of responsibilities crucial to effective governance and public service delivery:

Monitoring and Supervision of Revenue Administration as Collector: Acting as the collector, the Deputy Commissioner oversees the monitoring and supervision of revenue administration within the district.

Representation of the Government at the District Level: Serving as the Government’s representative at the district level, the Deputy Commissioner is accountable to the Provincial Government through the Commissioner for the discharge of duties and functions.

Disposition of Revenue Appeals: Handling and resolving revenue appeals efficiently and effectively.

Supervision and Coordination with District Line Departments: Supervising and coordinating with various district line departments to ensure the implementation of government policies.

Maintenance of Law and Order: Overseeing the maintenance of law and order within the district and keeping the Commissioner/Provincial Government informed.

Exercise of Powers under Relevant Legal Codes: Utilizing powers under relevant legal codes such as Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO).

Control of Prices: Acting as the Controller General of prices within the district.

Role as District Relief Commissioner: Serving as the District Relief Commissioner during times of crisis or disaster.

Principal Accounting Officer and Chairmanship: Acting as the Principal Accounting Officer for A/C –IV and chairing the District Development Committee (DDC) and other relevant committees.

Supervision of Various Duties: Supervising duties related to polio vaccination, elections, encroachments, traffic management, and the operation of addas/bus stands.

General Supervision over Programs and Activities: Exercising general supervision over programs, projects, services, and other activities within the district.

Civil Defense Control: Acting as the Controller for Civil Defense activities within the district.

Any Other Duties Assigned by the Government: Undertaking any additional duties as assigned by the Government.

Responsibilities of Deputy Commissioner

In addition to the aforementioned functions, the Deputy Commissioner holds several key responsibilities:

Supervision of Assistant Commissioners: Supervising and monitoring the performance of Assistant Commissioners within the district.

Coordination of Sister Offices and Public Facilities: Coordinating the work of all sister offices and public facilities within the district.

Optimal Utilization of Public Resources: Ensuring the efficient use of public resources for integrated development and effective service delivery.

Implementation of Government Policies and Guidelines: Supervising and coordinating the implementation of government policies, instructions, and guidelines.

Support for Offices and Public Facilities: Providing support and facilitation to offices and public facilities within the district.

Maintenance of Public Order and Safety: Convening meetings, as necessary, to maintain public order, safety, and safeguard public or private properties in the district, with decisions executed by all concerned parties.

Judicial Role as Justice of the Peace: Holding court sessions in criminal cases as a justice of the peace, and monitoring the performance of Assistant Commissioners within the district.

The Deputy Commissioner’s Office plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective governance, public service delivery, and maintenance of law and order within the district, while also facilitating coordination and cooperation among various stakeholders for integrated development and welfare of the populace.

D.C Office Complex with Google Map

Deputy Commissioner Office Bahawalpur

Deputy Commissioner Bahawalpur Office Numbers

Office: 062-9250069, 062-9250492

Fax No. 062-9250493

Email ID: [email protected]