Bahawalpur Railway Station

Bahawalpur is a city in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Its official name is “Bahawalpur.” According to the census completed in 2017, Bahawalpur had a total population of 762,111 people, making it the 11th most populous city in Pakistan. Additionally, it is the largest city in terms of land area. It is located in Cholistan, which is the largest desert in Punjab. And according to the latest estimates, the population of Bahawalpur’s metropolitan region will be 895,000 in the year 2022.

Bahawalpur Railway Station Front view

Construction of Bahawalpur Railway Station

Construction of the Kot Adu-Kashmore stretch of the Kotri-Attock Railway Line began in 1969 and continued until 1973. This addition to the Kotri-Attock Railway Line provided travelers with an additional option for getting from Karachi to northern Pakistan. In 1974, Pakistan Western Railways was renamed Pakistan Railways, simplifying the company’s name.

At an altitude of 385 feet, Bahawalpur Railway Station is located in the Punjab district of Pakistan’s Punjab province. On the Karachi–Peshawar main line, it is an important railway station operated by Pakistan Railways.
The station has advanced and current reservation offices, and people are working there. Additionally, there are food kiosks situated on its platforms. Khawaja Saad Rafique, the Minister of Railways in Pakistan, announced in 2016 that constructing the Bahawalpur Model Railway Station would cost Rs280 million.

Bahawalpur Railway Station

Trains Operated by Bahawalpur Railway Station

In the city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, you’ll find the Bahawalpur Model Railway station. The Bahawalpur station serves as a stop for 44 trains that travel to various locations around the nation. Famous trains such as the 11up Hazara Express, the 12dn Hazara Express, the 13up Awam Express, the 14dn Awam Express, the 15up Karachi Express, the 16dn Karachi Express, the 17up Millat Express, the 18dn Millat Express, and the 1up Khyber Mail are among the trains that depart from this station. Pakistan Railways is the organisation in charge of all of these trains. The following provides information about train times, real-time live status, time tables, routes, and train numbers.

Trains Time Table

Train NameCodeArrivalDeparture
10DN Allama Iqbal Express10DN18:57:0019:02:00
Sialkot to Karachi Cantt10DN18:57:0019:02:00
11UP Hazara Express11UP20:23:0020:28:00
Karachi City to Havelian11UP20:23:0020:28:00
12DN Hazara Express12DN8:40:008:45:00
Havelian to Karachi City12DN8:40:008:45:00
13UP Awam Express13UP22:50:0022:54:00
Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt13UP22:50:0022:54:00
14DN Awam Express14DN2:40:002:44:00
Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt14DN2:40:002:44:00
15UP Karachi Express15UP3:54:003:56:00
Karachi Cantt to Lahore15UP3:54:003:56:00
16DN Karachi Express16DN22:40:0022:44:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt16DN22:40:0022:44:00
17UP Millat Express17UP5:16:005:18:00
Karachi Cantt to Lala Musa17UP5:16:005:18:00
18DN Millat Express18DN20:46:0020:50:00
Lala Musa to Karachi Cantt18DN20:46:0020:50:00
1UP Khyber Mail1UP11:31:0011:36:00
Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt1UP11:31:0011:36:00
25UP Bahauddin Zakria Express25UP8:33:008:37:00
Karachi City to Multan Cantt25UP8:33:008:37:00
26DN Bahauddin Zakria Express26DN17:47:0017:52:00
Multan Cantt to Karachi City26DN17:47:0017:52:00
27UP Shalimar Express27UP17:51:0017:53:00
Karachi Cantt to Lahore27UP17:51:0017:53:00
28DN Shalimar Express28DN13:25:0013:27:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt28DN13:25:0013:27:00
2DN Khyber Mail2DN15:20:0015:25:00
Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt2DN15:20:0015:25:00
33UP Pak Business Express33UP3:30:003:32:00
Karachi Cantt to Lahore33UP3:30:003:32:00
34DN Pak Business Express34DN22:11:0022:15:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt34DN22:11:0022:15:00
35UP Sir Sayyed Express35UP8:13:008:15:00
Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi35UP8:13:008:15:00
36DN Sir Sayyed Express36DN0:31:000:33:00
Rawalpindi to Karachi Cantt36DN0:31:000:33:00
37UP Fareed Express37UP10:50:0010:55:00
Karachi City to Lahore37UP10:50:0010:55:00
38DN Fareed Express38DN16:00:0016:05:00
Lahore to Karachi City38DN16:00:0016:05:00
39UP Jaffar Express39UP1:04:001:07:00
Quetta to Peshawar Cantt39UP1:04:001:07:00
40DN Jaffar Express40DN23:05:0023:08:00
Peshawar Cantt to Quetta40DN23:05:0023:08:00
41UP Karakoram Express41UP2:38:002:40:00
Karachi Cantt to Lahore41UP2:38:002:40:00
42DN Karakoram Express42DN21:05:0021:07:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt42DN21:05:0021:07:00
43UP Shah Hussain Express43UP6:32:006:34:00
Karachi Cantt to Lahore43UP6:32:006:34:00
44DN Shah Hussain Express44DN2:58:003:00:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt44DN2:58:003:00:00
45UP Pakistan Express45UP1:35:001:40:00
Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi45UP1:35:001:40:00
46DN Pakistan Express46DN19:12:0019:17:00
Rawalpindi to Karachi Cantt46DN19:12:0019:17:00
47UP Rehman Baba Express47UP21:35:0021:40:00
Karachi Cantt to Peshawar Cantt47UP21:35:0021:40:00
48DN Rehman Baba Express48DN2:10:002:15:00
Peshawar Cantt to Karachi Cantt48DN2:10:002:15:00
5UP Green Line5UP9:02:009:04:00
Karachi Cantt to Margala5UP9:02:009:04:00
6DN Green Line6DN1:26:001:28:00
Margala to Karachi Cantt6DN1:26:001:28:00
7UP Tezgam7UP5:41:005:45:00
Karachi Cantt to Rawalpindi7UP5:41:005:45:00
81UP 1ST EIDULFITR SPECIAL81UP3:16:003:19:00
Karachi City to Peshawar Cantt81UP3:16:003:19:00
82UP 2nd Eid Special82UP3:58:004:00:00
Quetta to Rawalpindi82UP3:58:004:00:00
83UP 2ND EID SPECIAL83UP6:53:006:55:00
Karachi Cantt to Lahore83UP6:53:006:55:00
84DN 3RD EID SPECIAL84DN19:30:0019:32:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt84DN19:30:0019:32:00
8DN Tezgam8DN20:10:0020:14:00
Rawalpindi to Karachi Cantt8DN20:10:0020:14:00
91UP 3RD Eid Special91UP9:55:009:57:00
Karachi City to Rawalpindi91UP9:55:009:57:00
93UP 1st EID SPECIAL93UP1:58:002:00:00
Quetta to Peshawar Cantt93UP1:58:002:00:00
94DN 4th EIDULFITR SPECIAL94DN21:40:0021:42:00
Rawalpindi to Quetta94DN21:40:0021:42:00
99UPUP TEST99UPUP2:00:002:10:00
Lahore to Karachi Cantt99UPUP2:00:002:10:00
9UP Allama Iqbal Express9UP2:59:003:03:00
Karachi Cantt to Sialkot9UP2:59:003:03:00

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Bahawalpur Railway Station
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