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Khairpur Tamewali’s total population, according to the 2017 census, is 1,078,586. A total of 526,970 people are female, 526,528 people are male, and 88 people are transgender. The demographic distribution also shows that there are 471,301 children in the population between the ages of 0 and 14, and 566,770 people between the ages of 15 and 64. Furthermore, the demographic study indicates that there are 40,515 people in Khairpur Tamewali who are 65 years of age or older. These figures give a thorough picture of the community’s age and gender distribution and are helpful in understanding a range of social, economic, and developmental factors.

Khairpur Tamewali Town has a rich historical past and is located on the Sutlej River’s left bank. The Tanori Tribe, a valiant and warrior race that once called the area home, is the source of the town’s original name, Tanori. Regrettably, the 1738 Sutlej River floods caused terrible damage to the historic town. In response, Maruf Khan Daud Potra painstakingly built a new settlement in 1760, nine kilometers north of the river on a mound.

The name “Tawan” was recorded for the settlement by Khawaja Muhakam Din Sirani. Khairpur Tamewali also known as KPT was under the Nazamat of Minchinabad, which is now the Tehsil Headquarters in District Bahawalnagar. It was once a district headquarters. Mailsi served as KPT’s Tehsil Headquarters during this time. Maruf Khan’s contributions went beyond rebuilding the town; he built the Khair-ul-Masajid mosque. The year 1883 saw KPT Town achieve a noteworthy milestone in its administrative and civic development when it was granted the title of Municipality.

Khairpur Tamewali Population

Discovery of Meteor in Khairpur Tamewali

With historical origins dating back to the early 1700s, KPT was first controlled by Lakhi Rai Jadhaun, a Jadobansi Rajput king, until Ahmad Shah Abdali took over from the Raav in 1750. The town, which was formerly known as Khairpur, experienced a significant change throughout time, becoming known as Khairpur Tamewali.

The town’s name was influenced by an important event that happened in the early 1900s. A meteor was found by an Englishman called “Tommy” at the intersection of the Bahawal canal and the Sidhnai Mailsi Link river. The settlement was given the name Khairpur Tamewali as a result of this finding. The meteor serves as a reminder of this historic occurrence and is currently on display at a museum in London, England.

Health Facilities in Khairpur Tamewali

Khairpur Tamewali THQ Hospital

KPT boasts a healthcare infrastructure comprising eight hospitals, with 01 Tehsil Headquarter Hospital (THQ), 08 Basic Health Units (BHUs) and 01 Dispensary being government-operated by District Health Authority Bahawalpur, and the remaining under the private management. The cumulative bed capacity across these facilities amounts to 70 beds. Additionally, 05 private clinics are officially registered with the government, contributing to the comprehensive healthcare services available in the city.

Famous Saints of Khairpur Tamewali

Due to the existence of the Shrine of the well-known Sufi saint Peer Syed Ghulam Mohyudin Gillani, popularly known as Peer Syed Chup Shah Sarkar, the town also has religious significance. He is a descendent of Muhammad’s family and Ghaus Pak Syed Abdul Qadir Gillani; his shrine is located next to the Khairpur Tamiwali Police Station and is a hallowed place.

Additionally, the historic Shrine of Syed Badar Shah Gillani, with a history lasting over 200 years, adds to the spiritual heritage of the area.

Hazrat Khawaja Khuda Bux is one of the most famous shrines; it is well-known for its yearly event gatherings, especially the Urs Khwaja Khuda Bux Mela. These spiritual sites add to KPT’s cultural and religious fabric, which reflects the city’s rich past and varied legacy.

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Khairpur Police Stations No.

SDPO Khairpur No. 062-2261161

Khairpur PS: 062-2261025

Inayti PS: 0340-0364968

Nadra Office KPT

Address: NADRA Office, Chungi No.4,

Hasilpur Road, Khairpur Tamewali

Cell No. 0333-6360688

Tehsil Heqdquarter Hospital KPT

Address: THQ Hospital Hasilpur Tehsil Hasilpur, Hasilpur Mandi Near Kachehri Road.

Phone No. 62-2441013

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