Chana Peer Mela Bahawalpur

Sufi Saint Chanan Peer was born in 638 Hijri, is thought to have visited the area during on one of his spiritual pilgrimages, while King Sadharan ruled the area. The royal couple, facing childlessness, turned to the saint for advice, and he foretold the birth of their son. The baby was named Chanan, which means’moon’ in the native tongue, because of his striking beauty.

Unexpectedly, when Chanan was still a young child, he started reciting the Kalma. The crown prince’s political career came to an abrupt end when rumors of his conversion to a different faith began to circulate. The queen intervened to reduce the king’s first death sentence for his son to exile. The monarch had responded quickly.

Left to fend for himself over a hill, Chanan caught the eye of several travelers who saw him being taken care of by a deer. When the queen heard of her son’s predicament, she hurried to the desert and decided to live with him. The monarch was so enraged by this act of rebellion that he decided to execute his son once more.
The story takes a turn at this point that lends itself to multiple readings. Some claim that Chanan Pir had disappeared by the time the assassins reached the mound, while others think he had become a saint and had given many followers enlightenment.


The beginning of the Cholistan desert is marked by the Chanan Pir Tomb, which is located a few kilometers from Yazman town between Derawar Fort and Deen Garh Fort. This site has been revered for generations by both Muslims and Hindus. Pilgrims travel on camels, starting late in the winter and arriving at Chanan Pir just before the end of the season. Bells that ring out to announce the entrance of the caravans at dusk or dawn add to the heavenly atmosphere. Thinking back on this scene, my train travel seems almost dreamlike.

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