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E-Khidmat Markaz Bahawalpur: Services Under One Roof

E-Khidmat Markaz is a blessing for the residents of Punjab. Domicile, birth certificate, identity card, and death certificate applications can take time and substantial documentation. The provincial government established 09 “E-Khidmat Markaz” also known as Citizen Facilitation and Service Centers in Divisional Headquarters. Examining these facilitation centers’ impact on citizens’ interactions with the state in Punjab is next on our agenda. Using the E-Khidmat Markaz concepts, 145 government services will be consolidated under one roof for residents, reducing the citizens-versus-government interface.

Some of the services provided by NADRA include Motor Vehicle Registration; Token Tax Collection; Vehicle Transfer of Ownership; FARD; Learner’s Driving Licenses; Traffic Fine Collection; Domicile Certificates; CNIC Issuance; NADRA E-Sahulat Issuance; and Route Permits. E-Khidmat Markaz is revolutionizing how the government operates by addressing citizens’ concerns. Locals previously had to go through multiple cumbersome procedures and visit numerous government agencies to obtain these services before establishing these facilitation centers. Now that these centers are spread out over the province of Punjab, residents enjoy convenient access to all 145 of the following amenities:


E-Khidmat Markaz Popular Services for Whole Punjab

  • Issuance of Birth Certificate
  • Issuance of Death Certificate
  • Issuance of Divorce Certificate
  • Issuance of Character Certificate
  • Issuance of Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Issuance of Token Tax Collection
  • Issuance of Vehicle Transfer of Ownership
  • Issuance of FARD
  • Issuance of Traffic Fine Collection
  • Issuance of Learners Driving License
  • Issuance of Computerized National Identity Card
  • Issuance of Domicile Certificate
  • NADRA E-Sahulat
  • Issuance of Route Permit

How E-Khidmat Markaz is Facilitating the People in Punjab

  • Streamlining processes
  • Cutting down on travel time and distances
  • All citizens have access to government services
  • Reducing the number of steps in procedures
  • Citizens pay less for those services
  • Government income rises
  • Citizens save money
  • Transactions take less time

How to Take Benefit from E-Khidmat Markaz

If you’ve arrived at an e-Khidmat Markaz and realized that you’re lacking any of the required paperwork, you can ask the helpful front desk clerk for directions. Tokens for each service and turn are generated by an automated machine, which the front desk clerk will point you toward once you have submitted the required paperwork. Tokens can also be reserved ahead of time through the e-khidmat Markaz app. The token can be obtained by feeding the QR code into the system after an appointment has been scheduled. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be sent to the right department.

If you desire a learner’s permit, for instance, your paperwork and information will be forwarded to the relevant branch of the police force. Form submission is automatic, so there’s no need to fill them out by hand. Punjab residents get access to around 17 government services, all in one convenient location, thanks to the Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS), a NADRA e-Sahulat hub. What follows is a discussion of some of the most useful offerings of these public service hubs.

Authorization to Construct a Storage Facility

These are the things that need to be submitted for a warehouse building permit: You’ll need the following items in order to apply:

  • Application Form (BB-1/BB-2, BB-3, BB-4)
  • Power of Attorney, if necessary
  • Computerized National Identity Card
    Registry from Sub-Registrar
  • New Fard-e-Milkiat
  • Warranty of damages (E-stamp paper is of PKR 1200)
  • A certificate of structural integrity (Stability Certificate)
  • Five copies of the building blueprint (Construction Plan)
  • A bank challan form (the amount is calculated on the covered area per sq. ft.)

Filing of Paperwork

There is an upfront 5% construction plan fee for the review of submitted materials. The letter of approval will be sent out within 21 working days. The appropriate Lahore Municipal Corporation would be responsible for providing this governmental service.

Issuance of Fard

The fees for servicing a single Khatoni are PKR 50, for two Khatonis PKR 100, and for three or more Khatonis PKR 150. After waiting for half an hour, the LRMIS Officer will hand you your certificate.

Issuance of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

Each e-Khidmat unit has a NADRA e-Sahulat center where you can go to receive your CNIC. The price you pay for a service is determined by the nature of that service. All urgent, standard, and executive orders will be delivered within the following time frames. The e-Khidmat center requires the following service fees, which are detailed on their website and will be collected before it is issued by NADRA.

Fee Schedule for Computerized National Identity Card

Type / CategoryNormalUrgentExecutive
New Simple011502150
New Smart75015002500
Duplicate Simple40011502150
Duplicate Smart75015002500
Renewal Simple40011502150
Renewal Smart75015002500
Modification Simple40011502150
Modification Smart75015002500

Services Under One Roof: A Video for Guidelines


Address: E-Khidmat Markaz, Abbas Manzil, Opposite Deputy Commissioner House, Near District Courts, Bahawalpur. Postal Code: 63100

Phone No. +92629250512