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It is a platform that aims to bring the glorious history of Bahawalpur to the world and guide the tourist which places, and palaces that are waiting for their visits to Bahawalpur. For the citizens of Bahawalpur, there is a lot of information that helps in their routine official matters. We provided various details of government departments along with telephone numbers and google maps for their guidance. For the tourist, we published various picnic points, historical places for visits, as well as entertainment spots with their pictures.

We heartily welcome all tourists from all over the world to our country Pakistan and the former state of Bahawalpur. We want people from all over the world to see with their own naked eyes the wonders and values of this state with a glorious past. See the state’s magnificent palaces, higher educational institutions, hospitals with advanced medical facilities, forts, rivers, fields, and desert also known as Cholistan (Rohi).

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