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DPO Message

The Bahawalpur Police is constantly prepared to fight crime and really believes in the rule of law. A society free from crime sends a message to law-abiding citizens that their property, honour, and lives are safe. Numerous infamous gangs have been dismantled by the District Police of Bahawalpur, and millions of rupees’ worth of stolen goods has been found. As a result, members of the general public willingly and voluntarily went to the police headquarters to thank the officers for their bravery and valour. The Punjab Police as a whole is listed on the Information Super Highway by the District Police website. We’re trying to incorporate new technology into the way we work.

Asad Sarfraz Khan (SSP/DPO) Bahawalpur

Asad Sarfraz Khan (SSP/PSP)

District Police Officer, Bahawalpur

We intend to transform this website into a forum where individuals can discuss their issues in the near future, in addition to offering helpful information to the public today. We would be able to guarantee an appropriate and timely answer to their requests in this way. With the help of the people and with cooperation, I pray that District Police Bahawalpur will be able to accomplish the enormous responsibility of safeguarding the lives, liberty, and property of the inhabitants.

Our goal with this website is to make all of the police stations in District Bahawalpur available online. Inshallah, anyone can access the Bahawalpur Police website from anywhere in the globe and provide information with us online.
You are welcome to get in touch with us by email at [email protected].

Punjab Police Monogram

Bahawalpur Police Department is divided into the following six sub-divisions namely Bahawalpur City, Bahawalpur Sadar, Yazman, Ahmedpur East, Khairpur Tamewali, and Hashilpur. These sub-divisions are headed by Deputy Superintendents of Police or Assistant Superintendents of Police.

Organizational Structure of Bahawalpur Police Department


The Bahawalpur Police Department is a well-structured entity, divided into six distinct sub-divisions, each with its own specific jurisdiction and responsibilities. These sub-divisions play a pivotal role in maintaining law and order within the region.

1. Bahawalpur City Sub-Division

The Bahawalpur City sub-division serves as the primary hub of law enforcement activities within the urban center. It encompasses the bustling city areas and is headed by either a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) or an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

2. Bahawalpur Sadar Sub-Division

Covering the broader Sadar area of Bahawalpur, this sub-division extends its reach to ensure the safety and security of the residents. Like other sub-divisions, it is led by a DSP or ASP.

3. Yazman Sub-Division

Yazman sub-division caters to the specific needs of the Yazman locality, addressing law enforcement concerns unique to this area. It operates under the leadership of a designated DSP or ASP.

4. Ahmedpur East Sub-Division

Ahmedpur East sub-division oversees law enforcement activities in the Ahmedpur East region, focusing on maintaining peace and order within its boundaries. It is headed by a DSP or ASP.

5. Khairpur Tamewali Sub-Division

The Khairpur Tamewali sub-division is tasked with ensuring law enforcement in the Khairpur Tamewali area, contributing to the overall safety and security of the populace. It is under the supervision of a DSP or ASP.

6. Hasilpur Sub-Division

Hasilpur sub-division plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order in the Hasilpur locality, addressing the unique challenges faced by the community. It is led by a DSP or ASP.

Bahawalpur Police Stations and Supervision

Within these sub-divisions, a network of 24 police stations operates under the direct supervision of the respective sub-division heads. Each police station is headed by a House Officer, responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring the implementation of law enforcement protocols.

Commitment to Law and Order in Bahawalpur

The Bahawalpur Police Department is deeply committed to upholding law and order, tirelessly combating criminal activities to create a safe and secure environment for all residents. Recognizing the importance of a crime-free society, the department prioritizes the protection of lives, property, and honor of the community it serves.

Achievements and Public Recognition

Over the years, the Bahawalpur Police has achieved significant milestones in combating crime, dismantling notorious criminal networks, and recovering stolen property worth millions of rupees. Such commendable efforts have earned the admiration and gratitude of the public, who willingly acknowledge the bravery and valor displayed by the police force. As a result, the police department enjoys widespread support and appreciation from the community at large.

Bahawalpur Police Services for the Public

Police duty is not only the protection of your life and property, but along with these responsibilities, Punjab Police also provides the following services to the respected citizens:

  • Elite Police Force
  • Rescue 15 Bahawalpur
  • Anti-Car Lifting Team / Vehicle Verification
  • Criminal Identification and Sketching System (CISS)
  • NADRA Verisys
  • Complaints of Mobile Theft
  • Counter Terrorism Department (CTD)
  • Punjab Highway Patrol
  • Telecommunication Branch
  • Police Qaumi Razakar

Police Stations Telephone Numbers, District Bahawalpur

City Bahawalpur Circle

Civil Lines
Satellite Town

Saddar Bahawalpur Circle



Sama Satta


Saddar Bahawalpur




Musafir Khana


Ahmadpur East Circle



Saddar Ahmadpur


City Ahmadpur


Uch Sharif


Chani Goth


Dera Nawab


Nowshera Jadeed


Dhoor Kot


Yazman Circle

 City Yazman
Head Rajkan
Sadar Yazman

Hasilpur Circle



City Hasilpur


Saddar Hasilpur




Khairpur Tamewali Circle







Bahawalpur Police Important Numbers

Public Relations Officer DPO Office

Umer Saleem (SI)

Office No. 062-9250015

Email: [email protected]

Mr. Abdul Raouf


Phone No. 062-9250367

Email: [email protected]

Abdul Rauf Javed getting promotion as DSP Legal

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