Bahawalpur Zoo

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Pakistan (Punjab) is home to a wide variety of fantastic and magnificent animals thanks to the region’s varied and colourful topographic circumstances. The Punjabi people are an ambitious lot, and the Province’s lush soil allows them to cultivate a wide range of crops, from which both humans and animals benefit. The Wildlife Division is responsible for the preservation, conservation, and management of wild animals and plants for the benefit of future generations and the attainment of specific aims in the wild and in wildlife preserves and zoos where visitors can enjoy outdoor recreation and aesthetic solace.

Twelve Wildlife Parks, thirty-seven Sanctuaries, and twenty-four Game Reserves provide a haven for the Province’s various wildlife species. These reserves and parks provide the closest possible proximity to the wild for the animals while still allowing them to roam freely. Some critically endangered or uncommon species are being raised under captive control and rehabilitated in wildlife parks/zoos to replenish wild stock maintained for future demands. These facilities are located in the 03-Zoos / 01-Safari Zoo.

  • Bahawalpur Zoo
  • Bahawalnagar Zoo
  • DG Khan Zoo
  • Safari Zoo Lahore

Other Small Zoos

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  • Lahore Zoo
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Bahawalpur Zoo

Your Majesty, Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi, the Nawab of the ancient kingdom of Bahawalpur, founded the 25-acre Bahawalpur Zoo in 1942. In 1982, the Bahawalpur Zoo was transferred to the care of the Wildlife Department.

Visitors Timings

08:00 AM to Sunset

Contact Information

Opposite Dring Stadium   062-9255334