Where is Gulzar Sadiq Park?

After Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi, who held the positions of Nawab of Bahawalpur and Ameer of the State of Bahawalpur. A public park known as Gulzar-e-Sadiq was established in the name of Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi, the Eid-Gah in Bahawalpur across the street from the garden. Bahawalpur is a lovely park perfect for early morning jogs to stay in shape. To keep you entertained. It has several grassy spots that are ideal for picnics and running pathways. The big, lush trees make the park appear much more lovely. There is no entrance fee for this park. There are also rides suitable for children there, like Dragon Boat, Jet Star Train, Flying cups, Sky Wheels, Jumping Slide, and Jumping Castle. There is an artificial lake that was built for both locals’ and tourists’ enjoyment in mind.


Picnic Point at Gulzar Sadiq Park Bahawalpur

A food kiosk is also present. In case someone becomes puckish while having fun. They have also organized a Joker dance for the neighborhood beside the lake. This location is ideal for throwing a surprise birthday party for a close friend or member of the family. Once you apply for permission from the authorities, getting it is easy.

Flying Cups at Gulzar Sadiq

In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic location for a fun smack in the middle of the city. One can relax here after the worries of the day. Here at Day’s End, Stunning Adventures and Refreshments await you. You need to visit this location daily.

Jogging Track and Play Grounds

Teenagers occasionally skate on the artificial lake at Gulzar-e-Sadiq (when there isn’t any water, of course), there is a tiny park for kids, and the 1.39-kilometer track for jogging and walking. There are big grounds that are utilized for both football and cricket games. Additionally installed were chin-ups and other exercise bars.

Youngsters Playing Guitar at Gulzar Sadiq Park
Foods In at Gulzar Sadiq Park

The park is the cleanest and most enjoyable place to spend time in all of Bahawalpur because the cantonment is responsible for maintaining it. Excellent location for a family holiday. Your children are welcome to come along. If you like, take part in dragon boat races. Your kids can use sporting equipment for badminton and football, among other activities.

Commando Lift at Gulzar Sadiq Park
Mr. Funland at Gulzar Sadiq Park
Dragon Boat at Gulzar Sadiq Park
Dragon-Boat at Gulzar Sadiq Park
Sky Wheel at Gulzar Sadiq Park