Gulzar Mahal Lateral View

Between 1906 and 1909, the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur saw the construction of the Gulzar Mahal (Palace). As a house for the women of the previous royal family, it was begun during the reign of Sadiq Muhammad Khan V. Other than Malka (Queen), the state of Bahawalpur. The Gulzar Mahal (palace) is situated close to the Bahawalgarh Palace complex palaces of Durbar Mahal, Farrukh Mahal, and Nishat Mahal and is encircled by a sizable garden.

The design of this palace is very distinctive. You enter the front lounge to get a glimpse of Sheesh Mahal. You are welcomed by the front wall’s gorgeous glass artwork and local culture. Apart from Pakistanis, the well-known Pakistani television network “Geo” have created the super hit drama “Khuda Aur Mohabbat” in this palace that is appreciated by everyone who knows Urdu and Hindi. The surrounding flower-filled meadows and ornamented gardens have a hypnotic effect on the visitors.


Since 1966, the military has been renting out the palace, which is not now accessible to the general public. However, the Pakistan Army grants clearance for special visitors. The Pakistani Army and the entire country always warmly welcome visitors.