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The first Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally was held in 2005 and has since grown significantly. The upcoming Rally will be the 19th occurrence of this event, demonstrating how well-liked it has become over time. This festival highlights the South Punjab region’s natural beauty. It presents a positive and amiable image of Pakistan to the rest of the world. These activities not only increase tourists but also raise the locals’ living level. This event is being hosted in the middle of the Cholistan desert with the primary goal of exposing this gateway as a prospective winter tourist destination and showcasing the area’s history and rich culture to the rest of the world.

This Rally is taking place in Punjab, Pakistan, which includes Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalnagar, and Bahawalpur. It is divided into three categories: Stock, Prepared, and Women. Four sub-categories are further divided into the Stock and Prepared categories (A, B, C, D).

The Jeep Rally will occur between 20 to 25 February 2024, in the majestic desert of Cholistan. In a range of racing disciplines, more than 100 racers from all over Pakistan will pit their skills against the Cholistan desert sands. The Rally in the Cholistan Desert will now span a distance of 500 kilometers and travel by several of the most significant forts in the area (Dingarh Fort, Marrot Fort, Khan Garh Fort, Bhijnot Fort, Moujgarh Fort, and Jamgarh Fort). Sometimes the Cholistan Jeep Rally is referred to as TDCP. The format of this Rally is an adaptation of off-road racing.

Cholistan Desert Area

Cholistan is one of the largest deserts in Pakistan, with an area of about 16,000 square kilometers. Several historically significant locations, like the Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Nishat Palace, Sadiq Garh Palace, Farrukh Palace, Sher Bagh (Zoo), Historical Dring Stadium, The Islamia Univeristy, Bahawal Victoria Hospital, S.E. College, Derawar Fort, and Derawar Mosque, may be found close to the desert.

You can spend your time in Cholistan engaging in many other enjoyable activities in addition to viewing these historically valuable antique buildings. For instance, if you enjoy racing, you could be interested in going to the 2024 Cholistan Jeep Rally, which is expected to be fascinating and will happen in February. Let’s learn more about this Pakistani desert racing event, shall we?

The Cholistan Desert Rally is sometimes referred to as the Cholistan Jeep Rally. However, the name “Jeep” refers to a worldwide automaker and has nothing to do with the jeep. This motorsport competition is neither sponsored by Jeep nor limited to Jeep vehicles as a criterion for participation. People in Pakistan regularly use the word “Jeep” to describe SUVs and other off-road vehicles.

Jeep Rally Venue

The TDCP Desert Jeep Rally is held in the Cholistan Desert and is split between the districts of Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar. The Rally will cover a distance of about 500 kilometers overall. The Rally will begin at the Cholistan Desert, close to the Derawar Fort.

Event Site: Derawar Fort (Cholistan)

The event’s location is the forty bastions of Derawar Fort, which can be seen for kilometers in the Cholistan Desert. Pakistan’s Derawar Fort is situated roughly 95 kilometers south of Bahawalpur. To go to Dera Nawab Cantt, if you’re coming from Bahawalpur, take the GT Road toward Karachi and turn left at the Ahmedpur East Bypass. Before reaching the Dera Nawab Cantt, a turn to the left and a turn to the right are required. Since the Multan motorway was made accessible to the general public, the distance has become easier to navigate.

Rules & Documents

19th Jeep Rally (Cholistan) 2024

If any participants are interested in competing in this Rally, this is the best place to obtain them. The rules for the competition, the registration application, and the rally safety requirements may all be downloaded from this location.

The 19th Cholistan Desert Rally results can be found at the following link, which lists them in the appropriate categories:

Prepared Category

Stock Category

Stock Category (Women)

17th Cholistan Jeep Rally Results

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