District Bahawalpur

There is no question that Bahawalpur City is one of the most stunning cities in Pakistan. The city of Bhawalpur conceals its past within its walls. Because there is no other city in Pakistan save Bahawalpur that has such a large number of palaces, there is no doubt that Bahawalpur is known as the city of Nawabs. Bahawalpur also has a unique position in Pakistan regarding education and training. The educational institutes of Bahawalpur have been of assistance to many illustrious Pakistanis throughout the country’s history.

The Bahawalpur district is home to 1663 public schools and 1423 private institutions. In addition to the 101 and 152 elementary schools provided by the government for males and females, the district of Bahawalpur is home to 13 higher secondary schools for boys and 15 for girls. There are 635 elementary schools for boys, and 551 designated specifically for female students.

The mansions of the Nawabs aren’t the only things the city of Bahawalpur has to offer, though. There is the Central Library, the Zoo, the Museum, the Gulzar-e-Sadiq Park, the SS world Children Park, the Lal Sohanra National Park, Garrison Park Cantt, the historical Shahi Bazaar, the Saholat Bazar, the Shopping Malls, the Islamia University, the Government Sadiq College Women University, the Cholistan University of veterinary and animal Sciences, the Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, the Bahawal Victoria Teaching Hospital, the Sir Sadiq Khan Abbasi Teaching Hospital, the Cantt Military Hospital (CMH), the Defense Housing Authority, the Airport, and a powerful Army are all our pride

In order to ensure the residents of Bahawalpur and the surrounding area have access to high-quality medical care, the Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, as well as two teaching hospitals, four hospitals serving as tehsil headquarters, twelve rural health centers, and seventy-five Basic Health Units, have all are providing their services to the public. District Bahawalpur has 06 Tehsils, one Metropolliten Coorporation, and 05 Municipal Committees. It has Bahawalpur Waste Management Company (BWMC) which cleans the city dutifully. The names of tehsils of district Bahawalpur are as under:

  • Tehsil Bahawalpur City
  • Tehsil Bahawalpur Saddar
  • Tehsil Ahmedpur East
  • Tehsil Yazman
  • Tehsil Khairpur Tamewali
  • Tehsil Hasilpur